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Cig Kofte

This spicy unique and exotic vegetarian meal is made from bulgur, herbs and spices; tuck in with crispy lettuce.

Latest superb creation

sarma dish is made from vine leaves which stuffed with rice, minced meat and herbs topped with yoghurt.

Sarma (vine leaves)

 Tipoo Restaurant

 60-62 Alfreton  Road  Nottingham


0115 9708010


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Char grilled Chicken shish

Light succulent dishes

Served with bread and fresh salad.

Grilled Adana Kebab served with fresh salad and pita bread.

Delicious Pizzas

A selection of pizzas made in house from fresh dough and toppings.

Grilled fresh Sea Bream

Char grilled fresh Sea Bream (Cipura) served with chips and salad.

Welcome to Tipoo Restaurant!

Tipoo is a Turkish Restaurant that brings a taste of traditional Turkish cuisine to Nottingham's developing area near Canning Circus, situated at No. 60 - 62 Alfreton Road, Nottingham.  
To see our selection of authentic food please see the MENU section of our website.

We wanted to redesign and reflect the fact that, unlike many restaurants, at Tipoo chefs prepare fresh food, from scratch, in our open-plan kitchen at the heart of the Restaurant really influenced the ambiance and encouragement to relax in a stylish setting.

The menu is comprehensive and tempting whilst respecting traditions of the past. Dishes are of intense flavours and an emphasis on simple presentation acquired through quality ingredients is maintained in our dishes; from our appetising meze starters to our main courses and desserts. There is no set procedure on ordering from the menu; though good selection appetizers and meze dishes are designed to be shared at the table or enjoyed individually.

Why not come experience our irresistible Turkish food at its best with quality service.

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